Ease of Paying Taxes

Revenue Regulations No. 5-2024


This Revenue Regulation implements Sections 76(C), 112(C), 112(D), 204(C), 229 and 269(J) of the Tax Code of 1997, as amended by Republic Act No. 11976 (Ease of Paying Taxes (EOPT) Act), on tax refunds. The Regulations shall cover tax credit/refund claims that are filed starting July 1, 2024, onwards and implements the following: (A) Section 112(C) of the Tax Code that introduced the risk-based approach to verification of VAT refund claims; (B) Section 112(D) of the Tax Code which clarified the liability of the taxpayer-claimant and the BIR in case of disallowance by the Commission of Audit (COA); (C) Section 76(C) [...]

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Revenue Regulations No. 4-2024


This Revenue Regulation implements Sec 22, 34, 51(A) (2)(e), 51(D), 56(A)(1), 58(A), 58(C), 58(E), 77, 81,90,91,103,114,128,200 and 248 of the Tax Code of 1997, as amended by Republic Act No. 11976 (Ease of Paying Taxes [EOPT] Act) on the filing of tax returns and payment of taxes and other matters affecting the declaration of taxable income. The filing of tax returns shall be done electronically - on any of the available electronic platforms. However, in case of unavailability of the electronic platforms, manual filing of tax returns may be allowed. The civil penalty of 25% of the amount due in case [...]

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Revenue Regulations No. 3-2024


This Revenue Regulation implements the amendments introduced by RA No. 11976 (Ease of Paying Taxes[EOPT] Act), on the relevant provisions of Title IV - Value-Added tax and Title V - Percentage Tax of the Tax Code of 1997, as amended. Under the Regulations, all references to "gross selling price", "gross value in money", and "gross receipts" shall now be referred to as the "GROSS SALES", regardless of whether the sale is for goods under Section 106, or for services under Section 108 of the Tax Code. The term "Invoice" will also now be used instead of Sales/Commetccial Invoices or Official Receipts. [...]

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Revenue Regulations No. 2-2024


This prescribes the policies and guidelines for the publication of revenue issuances and other information materials of the BIR pursuant to Section 245(i) of the Tax Code, as amended by Republic Act (RA) No. 11976 (Ease of Paying Taxes), to wit: " SEC. 245. Specific Provisions to be Contained in Rules and Regulations. The rules and regulations of the Bureau of Internal Revenue shall, among other things, contain provisions specifying, prescribing or defining: xxx "(i) The manner in which tax returns, information and reports shall be prepared and reported and the tax collected and paid, as well as the conditions under [...]

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Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 3-2024


This circularizes Republic Act (RA) No. 11976 (Ease of Paying Taxes [EOPT] Act), together with the Veto Message both signed by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on January 5, 2024. The following Sections of the National Internal Revenue Code (NIRC) were amended under the EOPT Act: Section 21. Sources of Revenue and Classification of Taxpayers Section 22. Definitions Section 51. Individual Returns Section 56. Payment and Assessment on Income Tax for Individuals and Corporations Section 57. Withholding Tax at Source Section 58. Returns and Payment of Taxes Withheld at Source Section 76. Final Adjustment Return Section 77. Place and Time of [...]

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