BIR Form No. 1701A

Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 51-2024


Guidelines in the Filing of Annual Income Tax Returns and Payment of Taxes Due Thereon for Calendar Year 2023  The Guidelines in the filing of the AITR for the Calendar Year 2023 and the Payment of taxes due thereon are as follows:  Filing of Tax Returns  Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS) Filers/Users  Taxes mandated to use the eFPS shall file the AITR electronically and pay the taxes due thereon through the eFPS-Authorizes Agent Banks (AABs) where they are enrolled. The AITRs available in the eFPS are BIR Form Nos. 1700, 1707A, 1701, 1702RT and 1702-EX. BIR Form No. 1702-MX is [...]

Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 51-20242024-04-13T13:46:07+08:00

Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 23-2024


This circular is issued to announce the availability of BIR Form No. 1701A [Annual Income Tax Return for Individuals Earning PURELY from Business/Profession (Those under the graduated income tax rates with OSD as mode of deduction OR those who opted to avail of the 8% flat income tax rate)] in the Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS).  The return shall be filed on or before April 15 each year covering income for the preceding taxable year. Mandated eFPS users/filers who are required to file the said return are advised to check if it is already included in the list of tax [...]

Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 23-20242024-02-19T16:06:20+08:00
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