On September 28, 2022, the BIR issues the RMC No 131-2022 to announce the availability of Offline eBIRForms Package Version 7.9.3 which can be downloaded from the following sites:

  1. www.bir.gov.ph and
  2. www.knowyourtaxes.ph/ebirforms

The new Offline eBIRForms Package has the following modifications:

  1. Additional Alphanumeric Tax Codes (ATCs) in BITR Form No. 0605 to be used by the International Carriers in paying their taxes in reference to Revenue Memorandum Order No. 37-2022, to wit:
Type of Tax Tax Type       ATC
Income Tax      IT     IC 080
Percentage Tax     PT    PT 041
Documentary Stamp Tax           DS    DS 010


        2. Revised Terms of Service Agreement (TOSA), hereto attached as Annex A.

        3. Required official e-mail address of the taxpayer to be provided on the eBIRForms profile page. The email shall be used as an additional mode of serving BIR orders, notices, letters, communications, and other processes.