Revenue Regulation No. 7-2023


Revenue Regulation No. 7-2023 issued on July 7, 2023, amends certain provisions on Revenue Regulations (RR) Nos. 17-2011, 2-2022, implementing republic act (RA) No. 9005 (Personal Equity and Retirement Account [PERA] Act of 2008).  Section 2 (n) and Section 6 of RR No. 17-2011, as amended, are further amended to read as follows:  “Section 2. Definition of Terms – xxxx  (n): Qualified PERA Contributions – shall refer to the contributions of the Contributor to his PERA, which shall not exceed 200,000.00 per calendar year (if the Contributor is a non-Overseas Filipino), or 400,000.00 per calendar year (if the Contributor is an [...]